Watch John Cena Deadlift Jimmy Fallon On the Tonight Show

This may not be a new world record lift, but it’s definitely a first for Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon and guest star John Cena. In a recent interview on the show, Fallon brings up Cena’s viral 600+ lb deadlift video that he performed for his 40th birthday.

  • Fallon: “It’s your 40th birthday, why not go to an island and have a drink or something?”
  • Cena:  “Bro…come on, I’m John Cena.”

[Did you miss Cena’s birthday deadlift? Check out the 602 lb deadlift here.] 

After another 30 seconds of back and forth banter, something magic happens. Fallon asks if Cena could deadlift him, and of course Cena can, then proceeds to do so.

Obviously, lifting Jimmy Fallon, who probably weighs around 160-180 lbs, isn’t terribly impressive for Cena, but it’s fun to watch. Plus, it’s always great seeing the mentioning of big three lifts, like the deadlift, on mainstream media outlets, such as Fallon’s show.

[Speaking of big three movements, remember when Cena said the bench press was a worthless test of skill back in February?]

What’s even more ironic is that this isn’t the first time Cena has lifted another person on a major media outlet. Back in January, Cena squatted Al Roker for three-reps after teaching fitness movements on the Today Show.

Like it or hate it, Cena has been indirectly doing a great job at spreading his love for strength sports to mass media. He’s proven that’s well versed in multiple sports like powerlifting and weightlifting, which extend past the talking heads he’s lifted live.

The question I want to pose for readers is what’s the most impressive lift we’ve seen Cena perform? Fallon and Roker aside, was it the 602 lb deadlift he performed back in April on his 40th birthday?

Or do you think his Olympic lifting is more impressive? After all, this college football player turned wrestler doesn’t have a formal background in weightlifting.

[Haven’t seen Cena’s weightlifting videos? Check them out here, plus we pulled his heaviest lifts to see how he would fair in local powerlifting meets.]

Check out the video of his 304 lb snatch posted back in 2013 on SuperTrainingGym’s YouTube page. Pound for pound (Cena weighs around 240lbs) it’s not the most impressive thing we’ve seen, yet his mobility, form, and speed are pretty in-tune — and the publicity is doing wonders to spread the word on Olympic lifts.

In addition, the wrestler puts up powerlifting numbers that would earn him top three spot at local meets. So what do you think is Cena’s most impressive lift to date?

Feature image screenshot from The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon YouTube channel.