John Meadows To Be Released From Hospital

The Mountain Dog is on the mend.

On May 11, John Meadows’ wife, Mary, had announced that John had suffered a heart attack and was in a local hospital. On May 14, Mrs. Meadows had posted on the Mountain Dog’s Facebook account that he would be leaving the hospital that day and would continue to recover from the comfort of his home.

“Update on John. He is coming home today! They did a lot of testing this morning, and found his heart size is completely normal, there is no calcification buildup in arteries, but there is some weakness due to the clots that were there. The weakness is about 10% of decreased heart function and could return to normal if things go right. They could not find the source of the clots but he is on blood thinners to manage that. He has bounced back very strongly from this. Thank you all for your support and encouragement. Mary”

In a previous post, Mary Meadows had explained the cause of the heart attacks as well as how he had been treated. He had also been test for the coronavirus while staying at the hospital.

“Update on John. As I mentioned yesterday one of the clots he had dissolved yesterday from the blood thinners thankfully. The other one will hopefully dissolve today on its own. They decided to not go in with a cath today, as things are going well. He is in less pain today also which is a good sign. They are running alot of different tests on him tomorrow to see if they can get a better idea of where the clot started. These are many of same tests they ran in 2005. So no surgery, no stints and hopefully full recovery. Thank you so much for all the kind messages. They did test him for covid and he was negative. Mary”

Ohio had been the focus of a lot of attention regarding the COVID-19 pandemic ever since the 2020 Arnold Sports Festival expo was cancelled and it was announced there would be limited spectators to the contests that occurred in early March. Meadows, 48, lives in the Columbus area where the Arnold Classic takes place and also had past medical issues which led to the removal of his colon in 2005 so it makes sense that he would be tested as a precautionary measure. BarBend wishes the Meadows family well as “The Mountain Dog” continues to recover.

Featured Image: Instagram/mountaindog1