Jonathan Cayco Bench Presses 520 lbs For Unofficial IPF World Record

Jonathan Cayco just bench pressed an unofficial IPF world record!

Need another reason to get pumped up for your heavy lift this weekend? How about watching Jonathan Cayco bench press an unofficial 93kg IPF World Record?

In his latest bench press video, Cayco presses a massive 520 pounds (236 kg) for an easy single. This lift is four-and-a-half kilograms over Cieri Dennis’ current 93kg IPF Official World Record of 512.5 pounds (232.5 kg). Cieri has held the 93kg IPF Official World Record in bench press since 2012.

If you’re already a fan of Cayco and his lifting, then you probably know that pressing heavy weight is nothing new for him. Last year at USAPL Raw Nationals, Cayco benched 474 pounds, which currently stands as his personal best press in competition. Cayco is now crushing his previous performance best by upwards of 46 pounds with ease and is proving that he has some serious potential to take a run at the IPF -93kg classic bench press world record.

Outside of the bench press, Cayco’s personal competition bests stand at 611.7 pounds for the squat and 716.5 pounds for the deadlift. All of his competition personal records were set at USAPL Raw Nationals last year.

While his bench press performance has clearly been the highlight of Cayco’s week thus far, his training hasn’t stopped there. Cayco also shared a big deadlift set on his Instagram page. Following his huge bench press at the Legion Training Center, he also deadlifted 685 pounds (311 kg) raw, and made it look crazy smooth.

Cayco is certainly on top of his training and seems to be doing all the right things in lead up to his next meet, which is set to be the USAPL California State Championship taking place June 29th-30th. Keep in mind, we’re still about two months out from Cayco’s next competition and he’s already hitting lifts that top his personal competition bests.

So now the question remains, what numbers will Cayco put up at his next meet?

Featured image courtesy of Jonathan Cayco’s Instagram @league_of_lifting.