Deadlift Party: Cailer Woolam, Larry Wheels, Jujimufu, and Tom Cruise Max Out

Alright, this may or may not be one of the cumulatively heaviest deadlift articles we’ve ever written.

Over the weekend, a few of strength sports most notable athletes met up for an excursion of lifting and activities down in North Carolia. Jon Call, aka (Jujimufu), is no stranger to hosting a variety of athletes at his house and garage gym. Here, he and his filmograper Tom Boyden shoot videos focused on lifting and…other things, like putting Clarence Kennedy in an ice bath.

This past weekend, Cailer Woolam (Dr. Deadlift), Larry Williams (Larry Wheels), Tom Cruise (Black Tom Cruise or BTC), and Jujimufu had one of the heaviest deadlift parties we’ve ever seen. If you follow any of these athletes on social media, then we’re guessing you could probably assume out it went.

Let’s just say, there was a lot of hype, ammonia, and weight moved, which was enough to literally shake the foundation of Jujimufu’s garage, and in Tom Cruise’s words, the internet.

Personally, I’d recommend checking out the whole video. Besides the heavy lifting it was really entertaining to watch this group come together to move weight. In case you only have time to watch part of it, I included each athlete’s top sets below.

Note, because someone will probably call it out, there was a reverse band on the bar, but it’s still insane amounts of weight.

  • Jon Call: 735 lbs / 333kg x 1 rep
  • Tom Cruise: 845 lbs / 383kg x 2 reps 
  • Larry Wheels: 845 lbs / 383kg x 5 reps
  • Cailer Woolam: 905 lbs / 411kg x 1 rep

Arguably the best part of the video is the dynamic this group forms. Also, if you thought the above video was entertaining, then you’re in luck. Earlier today, Jujimufu published a second video on his channel that takes everyone through a series of events in an American Gladiator format.

We’re not sure how many more videos will be published with this group, but we hope they’re not done.

Feature image from Jujimufu YouTube channel. 

Jake Boly

Jake Boly

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