Watch -83kg Powerlifter Kafui Hotsonyame Effortlessly Deadlift 302kg

The former world record holder has big plans for 2020!

We see a lot of deadlifts. We see a lot of very heavy deadlifts. But rarely do we see deadlifts of over three and a half times an athlete’s competition bodyweight move so easily that we have to double check the weight on the barbell.

Well, we watched that 301.6kg (665lb) deadlift by former -83kg world record holder Kafui Hotsonyame. And then we watched it again. Then we watched it a third time. Now we have it on loop. You can watch it multiple times as well, courtesy of the post on his Instagram page:

Made raw, without wrist straps.

If you think that’s impressive, take a look at another rep of his, where Hotsonyame pulled the same amount of 302kg (665lb), except this time he pauses at the shins.

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Given how fast he pulls 301.6kg, you may have worked out that it’s not the heaviest he’s ever lifted.

His best lift on stage so far was at the 2019 International Powerlifting Federation (IPF) Powerlifting Classic World Championships, pulling what was then an IPF world record of  326kg (718.7lb):

It was eventually beaten by Chido Nnoli’s 330.5kg (728.6lb) from the 2019 European Powerlifting Federation (EPF) European Classic Championships.

In this post, Hotsonyame writes:

“2020 you already know the goal…”

Maybe he doesn’t say it exactly, but yeah, we’re pretty sure Hotsonyame’s goal for 2020 is to recapture that world record. One of his followers, @strongerthanpaul, commented, “get it in 2020!” on Hotsonyame’s Instagram post. The response:

“Working for it.”

You might be wondering what Hotsonyame’s actual, real life 1-rep max is. Well, he currently holds the Canadian IPF record for a 327.5kg (722lb) deadlift he pulled on November  3, 2019 at the Canadian Powerlifting Union (CPU) Ontario Open and Masters Provincials.

So it is very possible that Hotsonyame attempts a new world record at his next competition is in five weeks at the 2020 CPU Nationals. We’ll be watching closely if he does.


Who is Kafui Hotsonyame?

Kafui Hotsonyame is a Canadian powerlifter who competes in the -83kg weight class.

He set the Canadian record for the deadlift in November 2019 when he pulled 327.5kg (722lb) at the 2019 CPU Ontario Open and Masters Provincials.

When did Kafui Hotsonyame set a world record?

Kafui Hotsonyame set the world record raw deadlift for the -83kg weight class on June 4, 2019 at the IPF Powerlifting Classic World Championships with a lift of 326kg (718.7lb).

It was surpassed by Chido Nnoli’s 330.5kg (728.6lb) deadlift on November 29, 2019 at the EPF European Classic Championships.

Feature image from Kafui Hotsonyame’s Instagram page: @kafuifitness