7 Things Not to Say to Katrin Davidsdottir on a Date

“You look like you’re pretty strong… for a girl.”

Whether you’re a powerlifter, weightlifter, strongwoman, or a CrossFit® athlete like Katrin Davidsdottir, if you’re competitive and you excel at your sport, you’ll have some muscle on your frame.

Which is awesome.

But  there’s always a chance that you’ll date someone who won’t have the most appreciative opinion of your body.

Two-time Fittest Woman on Earth™ Katrin Davidsdottir recently participated in this Valentine’s Day-themed Reebok commercial where she outlines some of her least favorite things to hear on a date.

“Can I touch your muscles?”

“Spending hours at the gym seems so self-centered.”

“Do you think you’re stronger than I am?” (Yes.)

“Your hands look kinda rough.”

“Did your brother teach you how to lift?”

“I would never date a woman that’s stronger than I am.”

It’s worth watching the video to hear how she responds to these kinds of comments, and she finishes it by describing what muscular women love to hear: compliments on their hard work, or how inspiring they are.

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It brought to mind a similar video of a female athlete discussing what it’s like to live in an unusually muscular body, this time the undefeated professional boxer and WBC world champion Alicia Napoleon.

Our favorite line:

“You shouldn’t be fearful of making your body strong. It’s a beautiful thing and it’s what we’re meant to do. (…)

It’s a woman’s body. it’s not a man’s body, so how is it gonna look masculine? You’ll look strong. (…)

I’ve gotta wash that brain, I’ve gotta slap the society out of you.”

We’ve might have a ways to go before we see powerlifters on the cover of fashion magazines, but we like to think we’ll get there.

Featured image via Reebok on YouTube.