Fix Your Kettlebell Swing With the Water Bucket Trick!

Looking to master kettlebell swings? Start with this unconventional tip!

This is one of my FAVORITE #kettlebelltraining tips. Is it EXACTLY mimicking a proper swing? No, of course not! (For one thing, you’d be using a LOT more “pop” and explosion from the hips if you were swinging a heavy bell!) But I’ve found it to be a fun — and surprisingly effective! — tip that can help some beginners on their road to mastering the basic swing.

Kettlebell training is one of the most fun and effective methods of improving strength (particularly strength endurance) and stability. And most people start by learning the #kettlebellswing — but they can have a tough time adjusting to the rhythm required.

When you — or someone you know — swing a #kettlebell, are you pulling too much with your arms, or having trouble getting the timing down pat?

As I demonstrate at (0:57) in this video, one way to start internalizing the proper rhythm and timing for kettlebell swings is to use a bucket of water, maybe one-third full with water. If you can swing the bucket without dripping a DROP of water, you may be on your way to smoothing out your swing, or at least working out some of the kinks.

Momentum and inertia both come into play here for those of us who like to geek out on physics a bit!

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