Kevin Oak Deadlifts a Monstrous 800 lb Triple, Wants to Total 1,000kg at 242 lbs

Powerlifter Kevin Oak has his eyes set on breaking a never before accomplished feat!

Kevin Oak has been moving some serious weight in lead up to his next meet. 

In his latest video, Oak pulls a massive 800 lbs for a smooth triple, and he’s looking to accomplish something that’s never been done in powerlifting. Currently, Oak is in prep for the Hybrid Showdown II Powerlifting meet, which is taking place between February 1st and 2nd in Miami, Florida, and shared some insights into his current training and goals. 

Oak told us, “I’m competing in the 242 lb weight class without knee wraps. My number one goal is to break the 1,000kg total barrier. I’d be the lightest person to do it raw without knee wraps. No one has done it in the 242 lb weight class, and I think only 3 or 4 guys have done it in the 275 lb weight class.” 

Check out his latest 800 lb deadlift triple video below.

And while Oak’s recent deadlift video is more than impressive, it’s certainly not the only big lift he’s shared recently. 

About four days prior, he shared the huge 825 lb sleeved squat below at Unleash’d Strength Gym, which features a spot from one of our favorite BarBend contributors, Ben Pollack — that is one seriously strong squat session.

Oak also told us, “The 1,000kg barrier is my main focus, but that’s in addition to the squat and total world records, which I already have, however, I want to put some more kilos on both of them.”

Some Relevant Oak Stats

The last time Oak took the platform was in August at the USPA Tribute Meet. At this meet, he put together his best total to date of 2,177 lbs, which consisted of a 837.7 lb squat, 518 lb bench press, and 821 lb deadlift. 

With his latest 825 lb squat and 800 lb deadlift triple moving like openers, we’re incredibly pumped to see Oak tackle his current all-time world records at his next meet. 

Kevin Oak FAQs

Who is Kevin Oak?

Kevin Oak is an elite powerlifter who regularly competes in the 220 lb and 242 lb weight classes. He also is the owner of Barbell Commission, a performance apparel brand.

What records does Kevin Oak have?

Currently, Kevin Oak holds two all-time world records in the 242 lb weight class with his 837 lb squat and 2,177 lb total.

Feature image from @oakstrong Instagram page.