Powerlifter Kevin Oak (242 lbs) Squats 837 lbs for a New World Record

Watch Oak break his previous world record squat by five pounds!

Last year, Kevin Oak shook the powerlifting world when he squatted 832 pounds for a new all-time raw world record in the 242-pound weight class at the USPA Connecticut Spring Classic. Now, a year later, Oaks is making sure we still know who he is.

At the USPA Tribute meet in San Antonio, Texas this past weekend, Oak squatted 837 pounds to not only set a new all-time raw world record, but also beat his previous world record squat by five pounds.

Check out his monstrous squat below. He shared the lift on his Instagram and said,

“New World Record Squat, 837 lbs / 380 kg in the 242 lbs weight class. A 1/3 of the day is done.” 


Before moving up to the 242-pound weight class, Oak did some serious damage in the 220-pound weight class in 2016. He still holds the world record total in the 220-pound class with 2,101 pounds, which was his result from the Southern Powerlifting Federation Reebok Record Breakers meet that year.

It comes as no surprise that Oak had such a strong performance this past weekend. This year he’s been looking consistently impressive across the board: a little over a month ago, he pulled a huge sumo deadlift personal record of 815 pounds, a PR he said was totally unplanned.

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When BarBend caught up with Oak after he posted that lift in June, he told us that he was planning on competing in the 220-pound weight class at this weekend’s Tribute meet. At this time he was weighing in around 233 pounds. Even though he didn’t wind up lifting this past weekend as a 220-pound athlete, we think it’s fair to say that going up to the 242-pound weight class wasn’t a bad move — he finished with yet another world record to his name. Congratulations to the man.

Featured image from @oakstrong Instagram page.