Powerlifter Kevin Oak Squats 377.5kg (832 lb) for New All-Time World Record

Powerlifter Kevin Oak had his sights set on an all-time squat world record for the 110kg (242 lb) weight class, and he finally made it happen. Earlier today, Oak competed in USPA Connecticut Spring Classic that was held in Derby, Connecticut. At this meet, Oak only competed the squat.

Weighing in just under 110kg (242 lbs), Oak took to the platform and put on his normal performance of making PRs, or 377.5kg (832 lb) all-time world records in this case, look incredibly smooth.

In his Instagram video’s description Oak writes, “NEW WORLD RECORD 832 lbs (377.5 kg) in the 242 pound (110 kg) weight class, raw no knee wraps. I’ve had this record in the back of my mind since I started competing, I’m glad things finally came together so I could get it. 5 weeks out from the U.S. Open.”

Check out the video below!

A little over two weeks ago, we caught up with Oak when we wrote about his 367.5kg (810 lb) squat PR double. When we spoke with him, we asked what his goals were for this meet and he told us,

“I’m competing at 242, right now I’m waking up at 250. The world record at that weight [sic] is 828 lbs, so my goal is to beat that. I’m feeling good at the moment, the 810 lbs x 2 is the heaviest I’m going in training leading up.”

As Oak pointed out above, the previous 375.5kg (828 lb) all-time raw squat world record was set back in July 2016 at an UPA meet by Amit Sapir.

After today, Oak now holds two all-time world records. The first record is for the 220 lb weight class total, which Oak set back in November 2016 at an SPF meet totaling a massive 2,101 lbs. The second, is of course the 242 lb squat world record above.

Oak’s next meet is set to take place in roughly five weeks at the Kern US Open in San Diego, California. With his new all-time squat world record, we have to wonder, will he push to break anything else at his next meet?

Feature image from @oakstrong Instagram page.