Watch Larry Wheels Incline Bench Press 150-Pound Dumbbells for 20 Reps

Wheels is training heavy now that he's returned to the USA.

Larry “Wheels” Williams hasn’t appeared in any strength sports competitions in recent months, but he has been training hard in the gym to garner attention on his social media. On May 30, 2023, Wheels shared a reel on his Instagram page to his 4.4 million followers, wherein he incline bench pressed 68-kilogram (150-pound) dumbbells for a set of 20 reps.

Wheels appeared to get 21 reps, but he only credited himself with 20. Check it out below:


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Wheels performed the above set in elbow sleeves at Zoo Culture in Encino, CA. He paved the reps at a consistent cadence, not locking out his elbows until the last rep. This kept constant tension on the upper pecs as a spotter stood behind him. Wheels had control of the weights throughout the entire set while repping in a limited range of motion.

Also within Wheels’ post is an image of him posing with his training partner, Nyle Nayga, looking on. Wheels didn’t share what his body weight was at the time of this training session.

Wheels’ Previous Heavy Training Sets

In February 2023, Wheels performed flat bench presses with 200-pound dumbbells for four reps at a reported body weight of 255 pounds. Wheels shifted focus toward bodybuilding recently, specifically to compete in the Classic Physique division. He wrote in the caption of an Instagram post that he avoided deadlifts and squats to maintain a smaller physique for when he eventually steps on stage.


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As of March 2023, Wheels intends to compete in a bodybuilding show before the end of the year. His previous time in a competitive bodybuilding contest saw some level of success. He won the 2018 NPC Gold Coast Muscle Classic show to qualify for the NPC Nationals, a pro-qualifying event. He finished 11th in the super-heavyweight bodybuilding division at that contest. Men’s Open competitor Hunter Labrada won that show.

Since then, while living in Dubai, UAE, Wheels competed in several powerlifting, strongman, and arm-wrestling events. He returned to the USA in early 2023 to focus on the launch of his supplement line with BPI Sports. Wheels has not yet shared which bodybuilding show he intends to compete in at the time of this article’s publication.

Featured image: @larrywheels on Instagram