In 36 Minutes Larry Wheels Squats 700×3, Benches 585×3, and Pulls 800×3

For practically every person on Earth, just one rep of one of these lifts would be a lifetime achievement — and something that would require a good week of recovery, at least. For Larry “Wheels” Williams, we wouldn’t say his performance below is surprising in his history of insane PRs, which includes a 900lb deadlift and a 500lb overhead press, but the sheer density of this workout is something else.

In today’s video, Wheels PRd twice: a 585lb bench press triple and an 800lb deadlift triple, which were preceded by a 700lb squat triple. All of which he completed in thirty-six minutes. Again, most people need a good few days of recovery after PRs, but most people are not Larry Wheels.

This event is called Super League, an annual event held in Las Vegas and online that features three series: Combine (a test of nine movements), Blood (a twelve-rep max of six movements), and Power, which is meant to test your three-rep max in the classic big 3 powerlifting movements. There’s also plenty of smoke, theater, and guys dressed as vikings.

Watch the craziness unfold.

The squats start at the 6.16 mark, the bench is at the 12:14 mark, and the deadlifts are at the 17.08 mark. When asked afterward if he had any comments, he just laughed and said, “Ready to go again!”

[This performance brought to mind the time Rob Hall totaled over 2,000 pounds in just 33 seconds. Watch the craziness unfold here — you’ve got time.]

It’s worth pointing out here that the total of his maxes here was 2,085 pounds. The first time we wrote about the athlete back in November 2016, it was because he had broken the world record total for the 242 pound class with 2,171 pounds. We believe he weighs quite a bit more now, but it’s still remarkable to note that in less than two years he’s gained the ability to lift as much as he did here in as short a timeframe.

Featured image via Larry Wheels on Instagram.


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