Weightlifter Lasha Talakhadze Sets New World Record for Heaviest Total of All Time

Lasha Talakhadze extended his best all-time world record total by an astouding 6kg.

History in the making. 

Where do we begin with +109kg Georgian weightlifter Lasha Talakhadze? It seems like every time Talakhadze takes the platform, we continually see him rewrite history and push new limits. The 2019 IWF Weightlifting World Championships just wrapped up Pattaya, Thailand, and Talakhadze closed out the competition for the men’s super heavyweight athletes in a phenomenal fashion. 

Not only did Talakhadze sweep gold with his commanding performance, he also brought home three new world records, one of those being a new weightlifting all-time world record total. 

Lasha Talakhadze Performance Recap

  • Snatch: 220kg (WR)
  • Clean & Jerk: 264kg (WR)
  • Total: 484kg (All-Time World Record)

To kick off his stellar performance, Talakhadze crushed a 220kg snatch for his third attempt.

This lift earned him a new snatch world record in the +109kg weight class, a gold medal, and tied his best all-time 220kg snatch completed back in 2017 at the IWF World Championships. 

In the clean & jerk, Talakhadze needed to lift at least 259kg to earn himself a new all-time world record total. This is a lift we’ve seen him do now on multiple occasions. At the 2019 European Weightlifting Championships, Talakhadze clean & jerked 260kg, and back in September 2018, he hit 264kg at the Georgian National Weightlifting Championships.

To cap off an arguably perfect competition at this year’s World Championships, Talakhadze successfully made 264kg for his third clean & jerk attempt. This lift extended Talakhadze’s current clean & jerk world record by 4kg, earned him another gold, and pushed the all-time world record total to a remarkable 484kg. 

Breaking and pushing the all-time world record total is nothing new for Talakhadze. He held the previous all-time world record total after successfully composing a 478kg performance back in April at the European Weightlifting Championships (218kg snatch/260kg clean & jerk). And prior to this, his best all-time world record total was 477kg and that was set back at the 2017 IWF World Championships (220kg snatch, 257kg clean & jerk). 

Every year we get to witness something new from Talakhadze with his incredible performances. Similar to the last two IWF World Championships, we got to watch him rewrite history and push new limits for the sport of weightlifting. 

Feature image from @iwfnet Instagram page.