Have You Seen Korean Weightlifter Lee Sang’s Drop-and-Catch Lifting Videos?

Editors note: This article is intended to be satirical and light hearted for pure enjoyment. We’re not endorsing the performance of this movement, or activity in any form of your training, as it could lead to injury.

Very rarely does a new weightlifting technique arise that turns the heads of many. We’re in the midst of what could be the next secret to hitting and unlocking new PRs. It’s a technique that utilizes multiple aspects of successful Olympic movements including: Power, coordination, speed, strength, teammates, pure grit, and a lot of creativity.

Korean 69kg weightlifter Lee Sang has now shared two videos on his Instagram page that may provide the ticket to enhance your weightlifting. Sang’s two snatch and clean & jerk drop and catch videos are unique, fun, and entertaining.

Check out his latest video highlighting a ‘drop and catch’ snatch below.

Watch the flawless drop technique and transition under the bar. This athlete’s not only improving his power, but his speed and coordination as well. Maybe this method is how you can unlock that next milestone in your snatch.

But in all seriousness, we don’t recommend trying this, as there’s not always a clear way of gauging how a bar will bounce from overhead off a platform.

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And as mentioned above, this drop and catch video isn’t the first one Sang has shared. A few weeks ago, he posted a video of a clean that’s spotted from the bottom, jerked, dropped, and then caught again to perform a power clean. It was definitely one of the most unique and funny weightlifting videos we’ve seen in quite some time.

Check out Sang’s hyped up clean & jerk, drop, and power clean video below.

These clips were definitely on the more… extreme side of weightlifting videos we’ve seen, but we’re not going to lie, they’re fun to watch. And to reiterate our point above, we don’t recommend trying either of these videos, or dropping a bar from overhead and trying to catch it.

Feature image screenshot from @lee_sang___ Instagram page.