Lindsay Hilton Was Born Without Limbs, Still Crushes Workouts

Chances are you’ve seen Lindsay Hilton at some point on social media, or through various media outlets like Shape magazine or CrossFit’s Facebook page. She’s now been featured on CrossFit’s Facebook multiple times, and the video below highlighting Hilton’s clean workout has now racked a little over 6.9 million views. If you haven’t seen Hilton before, then sit back and prepare to be motivated.

Hilton is a rugby player and an adaptive strength athlete that was born without limbs. She enjoys competing in functional fitness competitions, and on her Instagram page, you’ll find a ton of videos highlighting her weightlifting, functional fitness workouts, and much more.

After seeing Hilton compete in multiple CrossFit competitions over the last few years, we wanted to get to know her a little more, and see what 2018 has in-store.

BarBend: When did you get interested in strength sports, and what drew you into CrossFit®-style workouts?

Hilton: I grew up playing sports and starting going to the gym to supplement my sport training. I often found I would get bored with my routine, or simply not know what I should do at a traditional gym. I tried CrossFit and all that changed. I think my competitive nature helps me push harder in a class than I would alone, and I love that I just need to show up and a coach tells me what to do!

BarBend: What are your goals for 2018, do you plan to compete this year in the Open? Do you have next comp in mind?

Hilton: Right now my goals for 2018 are to improve my overall strength, I’d like to see an increase in all of my lifts. I do plan to compete in the Open (as well as the WheelWOD Adaptive Open), so right now that is my main focus. After the Open, I hope to qualify for the WheelWOD Championships next summer.

BarBend: Awesome to hear. What’s been the biggest lesson you’ve learned thus far in strength sports? How has that lesson helped you outside of the gym?

Hilton: My biggest take-away from CrossFit is to just try. There are many movements or WODs that seem impossible but when you put your ego aside and just give it a try, most often you’ll find it wasn’t that bad. The same goes for life – many tasks may seem daunting or impossible until you just try.

BarBend: What’s your favorite exercise, and why?

Hilton: My favorite lift is the clean, probably because it was something I wasn’t sure if I would ever be able to do, and it looks so cool!

We’re excited to follow Hilton’s progress through 2018, and are wishing her all the best in qualifying for the WheelWOD Championship. If you find yourself lacking motivation on a daily basis, then we recommend checking Hilton out and giving her a follow.

Feature image screenshot from @lahltn Instagram page.