Check Out Mark Bell’s Progress to the Bodybuilding Stage

If you’re invested in the strength sports community on social media, then I’d bet there’s a good chance you’ve seen at least some of Mark Bell’s progress towards the bodybuilding stage over the last few months. The other day, Bell shared an Instagram photo that highlighted his current physique as he heads into the final week before his first ever bodybuilding contest.

It’s crazy seeing the transformation 41 year old Bell has gone through and how much his body has changed over the last few months. Also keep in mind, Bell has squatted over 1,000 lbs, benched over 800 lbs, and has competed in four powerlifting categories over the course of his career (242 lb, 275 lb, 308 lb, and SHW), so the fact that he’s brought his body fat down to single digits has been remarkable to follow.

And we know Bell’s not the first athlete to compete in powerlifting, then switch to bodybuilding, but it’s a cool reminder that anything is possible with the correct game plan in strength sports. In addition, it’s been really interesting to see the impacts Bell’s body fat has had on his strength.

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When I look in the mirror I’m not looking at myself. – I’m not taking random selfies to see “how jacked I am”. I’m looking at Mark Bell, I’m looking at a body of work, I’m looking at a thing. – It is now my job to improve this thing/machine in every possible way, every single day. – This isn’t about who you were this is about who you’ll become. Keep working, keep building and before you know it your dreams will have not only been fully realized but they’ll have already happened. – NEVER TRADE YOUR PASSION FOR GLORY. – NEVER LET GO OF THE THINGS THAT HURT YOU. PEOPLE OFTEN SAY PUT IT BEHIND YOU…. I SAY NO WAY. I’M TAKING A GIANT **** YOU AND I’M WEARING IT ON MY SHOULDER EVERYDAY AS A REMINDER. – YOU HAVE A LOT TO PROVE MARK. YOU HAVE NOT SHOWN PEOPLE YOUR TRUE POWER YET. YOU HAVEN’T DONE **** YET. SHOW THEM THAT YOU CAN HANG, YOU CAN DO THIS, AND MOST IMPORTANTLY SHOW YOURSELF THE CHANGES YOU CAN MAKE! – USE THE PAIN AND SCARS OF YESTERDAY AS AMMO TO ARM YOURSELF TO DESTROY YOUR GOALS TODAY! #thepeoplescoach #MarkSwollyBell

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A few of Bell’s fans and outside spectators doubted that he’d be able to pull it off, and we think that has a lot to do with the latest Instagram descriptions with the “prove them wrong” mindset. In fact, if you go to any of Bell’s last Instagram posts, then you’ll see handfuls of comments saying, “I didn’t think it was possible!”

If one thing is for certain, Bell hasn’t had his motivation deteriorate at all in the last couple months, while the body weight has fell, the motivation has increased, so it seems. We don’t know about you, but we’re pumped to see the outcome from Bell’s first bodybuilding show. How do you think he’s going to place?

Feature image from @marksmellybell Instagram page.