Mark Boyd Misses 400 KG Deadlift

This was a test of pound-for-pound strength.

The World’s Ultimate Strongman (WUS) Feats of Strength series had featured some of the elite athletes in the sports of strongman and powerlifting attempt to break records over the last two and a half months. This weekend was the final episode of what they call their first season and showcased one of their own in a different test of strength.

Mark Boyd had been the announcer calling the action in each of the previous episodes. He is actually also a co-owner of WUS. On this bonus edition, he was the athlete and subject. Boyd’s task was to perform a deadlift of four times his bodyweight – 400 kg (882 pounds) at a bodyweight of 100 kg (220 pounds). This is the first test of strength in this series that factored the athlete’s bodyweight into the equation. Unfortunately for Boyd, he was unsuccessful with both attempts at the monumental weight. As with the other events in this series, it was streamed live on the Rogue Fitness YouTube channel and on the Core Sports World website.

Boyd is a native of Scotland and has performed in strongman contests himself so he had competitive experience. He competed in the under 105 kg (231 pound) category and had won both Scotland’s and Britain’s Strongest Man in that division.

While Boyd’s attempt wouldn’t have broken any records, it would be a major accomplishment for an athlete to deadlift four times his bodyweight. For perspective on this level of strength, consider Hafthor Bjornsson’s 501 kg (1,104 pounds) deadlift. On the day Bjornsson made history and broke Eddie Hall’s record, he weighed 205 kg (452 pounds). If you consider Bjornsson’s weight on that day, he lifted 2.44 times that number. While that shouldn’t be interpreted as Boyd being stronger than Bjornsson, it would certainly be worth the bragging rights if the WUS executive was successful on what he was about to attempt.

Lifting in Dubai, Boyd was assisted with his deadlift suit by Larry Wheels. Four-time World’s Strongest Man Zadrunas Savickas served as the judge by watching the lifts on the stream. Boyd opened his day with a beginning lift of 260 kg (573 kg). His next attempt was with 300 kg (660 pounds) which he also easily lifted.

His third and final warm-up lift was with 360 kg (793.8 pounds). After the weights were placed on the scale and approved by Savickas, Boyd stepped to the podium for the big 400 kg attempt. As the bar was coming up, he got stuck just above the knees and attempted to lean back to secure the weight. Right before locking out, he lost his balance and the weight fell to the platform.

He had one final attempt and opted to take it. He placed powder on his legs for this lift for the purpose of less friction while the bar is traveling up. The second attempt also was also unsuccessful.
Commentator Laurence Shahlaei stated during the livestream that there may be more Feats of Strength episodes to come in the near future but couldn’t confirm officially as of yet.

Featured Image: Instagram/worldsultimatestrongman