Martins Licis Takes on Army Special Forces Obstacle Course

The World’s Strongest Man takes on a different challenge.

Martins Licis, the 2019 World’s Strongest Man, may not be taking part in this year’s contest, but he is taking on other forms of physical challenges. In a YouTube video that was published on his channel on September 22nd, Licis was featured taking on an Army Special Forces obstacle course.

The obstacle course, known as the 5th Army Forces Obstacle Course, is located at Fort Campbell, Kentucky. For perspective on the challenge he is facing, according to, the weight limit for a male that is 28-39 years old and 6 feet, 3 inches tall is 217 pounds. The 29 year old Licis is attempting to complete the course at a weight of 335 pounds,

First on the course was a wall scale that appeared to be around 8 feet tall. Licis actually completed the task rather easily. Next was a series of three balancing logs that Licis had to walk along without falling off. The logs rolled which made the task even more of a challenge.

Following that was a pair of logs that were of different heights that Licis would have to scale over. He bypassed this obstacle. Fourth on the course was an over/under segment which he was able to move through quickly. They then transitioned into a series of X’s that Licis had to move through without using his hands.

Obstacle number six was the “high climb and slide” that involved three ascending platforms followed by a pole to go down. It was at this point that Licis appeared apprehensive to proceed. However, Licis was able to complete this obstacle as well.

Other obstacles that Licis faced included a rope swing, a pole slide, monkey bars, log ladder climb over, another hands-free step over, rolling logs, a tube crawl, and several others. There were other phases that Licis skipped like a net climb and a 30 foot wall that he would’ve had to scale.

Out of the events in the course that Licis did complete, he did so in a time of 12 minutes, 45 seconds. He stated that the record for the fastest time to complete the entire course was 18 minutes. Nonetheless, the parts that he did showcased the athleticism that he possesses, which is uncommon for a strongman. The Latvian strongman has been showing he can train with other elite athletes outside of his sport recently, such as with former NFL player Vernon Davis.

It’s also worth noting that Licis is still recovering from being hit by a vehicle while riding his bicycle, which is why he was unable to compete at this year’s World Strongest Man contest.

Featured Image: Instagram/martinslicis