Weightlifter Mary Theisen-Lappen Hits Unbelievable 182kg/400lb Block Jerk

This might be the heaviest jerk by an American woman ever.

If you have never heard of Mary Theisen-Lappen, then prepare to be introduced to a major potential player in the women’s 87+kg weight class in the near future. Yesterday, the former track and field athlete turned competitive weightlifter performed what might be the heaviest jerk ever done by an American women — a 182kg/400lb lift off blocks.

Check it out below courtesy of her Instagram page. She makes it look quite smooth for how much weight is on the barbell.

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For context on just how heavy this jerk is, we reached out to 2000 Sydney Olympic Games bronze medalist and USA Weightlifting Hall of Fame Inductee (2015) Cheryl Haworth. Her heaviest ever jerk (and heaviest ever attempted) was 170kg/375lb. Back in 2005, Haworth hit the American record clean & jerk of 161kg/355lb.
That record held up for 13 years until 2016 Rio Olympic Games bronze medalist Sarah Robles advanced the American record by a single kilo at the 2018 American Open Series 3 (AO3).

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Theisen-Lappen dabbled in powerlifting with two competitive USA Powerlifting appearances in 2014 and 2015 — both of which she won. Although she has not yet competed in Olympic weightlifting on the world stage, she does have some meaningful results.

At the 2019 American Open Finals at the Arnold Sports Festival, she claimed the gold by a full 18kg/40lb with her competition best 260kg/573.2lb total. Here were her stats from that event:

  • Snatch — 106kg/233.7lb
  • Clean & Jerk — 154kg/339.5lb
  • Total — 260kg/573.2lb

Theisen-Lappen missed two attempts in the snatch at 110kg/242.5lb. On her third attempt in the clean & jerk, she went for 163kg/359.4lb to set a new women’s American record but was unsuccessful.

It is safe to assume that the women’s 87+kg division is going to heat up in the next few years. If Theisen-Lappen can stay healthy and continue to progress on this 182kg/400lb, she’ll be part of the reason why.

Feature image from Mary Theisen-Lappen’s Instagram page: @coachmaryyy