Michael Lockett Wins Chicago Pro Championship for Bodybuilding

Lockett is also added to the list of athletes qualified for the Olympia.

The city of Chicago, Illinois apparently likes when guys name Michael win three times in a row. Michael Jordan won three NBA championships in a row, twice, as the leader and part of the Chicago Bulls. But that was in the 1990’s. In the 2010’s the Michael in question is Michael Lockett of the IFBB Pro League and this past weekend he performed the bodybuilding version of the three-peat by winning the Chicago Pro Championships.

2019 Chicago Pro Championships Open Bodybuilding Results

Winner – Michael Lockett

Lockett is an accomplished bodybuilder with Olympia experience but had flaws that had been noticeable. Critics were fast to talk about his chest in the past as well as one leg being smaller than the other. He had obviously worked hard on the legs since the difference wasn’t visible from the front. They still need to be bigger if he wants to place higher at the Olympia. He also improved his chest as his striations were more visible and his pecs appeared fuller. Conditioning was great which is what clinched the win.

2nd – Charles Griffin

Griffin made the judges’ jobs very difficult because he came in great shape as well. His best pose by far was the rear lat spread because his back appeared like it was going to keep getting wider. Other poses were good too but the judges apparently thought Lockett was a little better. I don’t think there would’ve been much argument if the result went the other way but this weekend Griffin leaves as the runner-up.

3rd – Essa Obaid

Obaid competed earlier this year at the Arnold South America and finished in 4th place. This lineup is considered deeper and he placed a position higher. That said, the judges had him in third in both prejudging and the finals. He had looked fuller in the past and the two men ahead of him had greater muscle separation.

4th – Lukas Osladil

Osladil hadn’t competed yet this season so this was his first contest in 2019. He is always considered a threat at shows like this but was not at his best. This just wasn’t his weekend. He looked to have missed his peak which can hurt if your opponents didn’t.

5th – An Nguyen

Nguyen’s last onstage appearance was in California where he finished 5th. This Top 5 finish is more impressive since 26 men were in the lineup. Fans of his have been waiting for him to finally win a show. He needs to time his peak and be more ripped than he was here if that is ever going to happen.

Other Results

Lloyd Dollar of Florida shocked the 212 division, including pre-show favorite Guy Cisternino, to win the 212 event here on Friday with Bola Ojex taking 2nd. Cisternino would finish in 4th place.

Jordan Plantiko of Wisconsin finished first in Classic Physique with the popular Ro’Vonte Moody finishing in the silver position.

California’s Akeem Scott leaves Chicago with the Men’s Physique victory over a pair of Georgia athletes in Greg Brant (2nd) and Derrick Stevenson (3rd).

All five female divisions were prominently featured at this show. Winners include Aleesha Young (Women’s Bodybuilding), Valentina Mishina (Women’s Physique), Liudmila Somkina (Fitness), Ivana Ivusic (Figure), and Jennifer Ronzitti (Bikini).

Featured image: @wingsofstrength on Instagram