Morgan McCullough Block Cleans an Epic 190kg At 15 Years Old

Morgan McCullough, aka #minifreedomfridge as per his Instagram page, and Mash Elite Performance athlete has once again dropped our jaws with one of his lifts. In McCullough’s latest video he smokes a 190kg/418 lb clean from the blocks and it has completely shaken up the weightlifting social media world.

So why is this lift so big? Well, besides the fact that it’s a monstrous amount of weight, McCullough is only 15 years old (yes…he’s 15!), so he has plenty of time to still compete as a youth and junior athlete before moving exclusively to the senior age category.

Second, this lift — while obviously very different from a full clean & jerk — is 20kg over McCullough’s current Youth 14 & 15 +89kg American Clean & Jerk record, which sits at 170kg. The fact that McCullough was able to handily clean this weight is a pretty good indication of what we can hopefully expect from him in the relatively near future. Check out the lift below.

Earlier this year in August, we wrote about McCullough hitting a 170kg clean & jerk, which at the time was a PR and an unofficial American youth record over Ian Wilson’s long-standing youth record. Keep in mind, when McCullough hit this lift he had just turned 15 a few weeks prior.

Then in September, McCullough made this lift official at the American Open Series 3 in Las Vegas, Nevada when he successfully completed a 170kg second attempt clean & jerk. He missed his third attempt with 175kg. This lift earned McCullough the 14 & 15 Youth American Record as mentioned above and topped the second place competitor’s best clean & jerk by a huge 30kg.

With his latest 190kg/418 lb clean from the blocks, the hype behind McCullough’s future in weightlifting only continues to strengthen.

McCullough’s lifts continue to add depth to USA Weightlifting’s up and coming athlete roster. What will thing young athlete be able to accomplish in 2019?

Feature image from @mad_lifts_15 Instagram page.