Powerlifter Naomi Sheppard (67.5KG) Shatters All-Time World Record Raw (w/Wraps) Squat With 262.5 Kilograms (578.7 Pounds)

Sheppard claimed the world record at the 2022 WRPF The Ghost Clash on Feb. 13, 2022.

A mere 25 minutes into the pro day of competition at the 2022 World Raw Powerlifting Federation (WRPF) The Ghost Clash on Feb. 13, 2022, and history was made. British powerlifter Naomi Sheppard competing in the 67.5-kilogram class in the raw with wraps division locked out an all-time world record squat with 262.5 kilograms (578.7 pounds) on the barbell in Miami, FL. Here are her full meet results below:

2022 WRPF The Ghost Clash — Naomi Sheppard | 67.5KG

  • Squat
    • 245 kilograms (540.1 pounds)
    • 262.5 kilograms (578.7 pounds)
    • 270 kilograms (595.3 pounds)
  • Bench Press
    • 122.5 kilograms (270.1 pounds)
    • 122.5 kilograms (270.1 pounds)
    • 127.5 kilograms (281.1 pounds)
  • Deadlift
    • 200 kilograms (440.9 pounds)
    • 210 kilograms (463 pounds)
    • 215 kilograms (474 pounds)
  • Total — 600 kilograms (1,322.8 pounds)

Judging from the video posted to The Ghost Clash’s Instagram page, Sheppard’s lift appeared to be somewhat of a grind. Despite that, her facial expression remained calm throughout the duration of the lift, even as her legs began to waver on the accent. Check it out below:


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The previous all-time world record raw squat with wraps was ultimately short-lived. It belonged to Jaclyn Cornwell, who lifted 260.8 kilograms (575 pounds) at the 2021 American Powerlifting Federation (APF) North of the Border meet on Nov. 13, 2021. Exactly three months later, Sheppard hoisted nearly four times her competition bodyweight to claim the record.

Sheppard’s new record is a relatively large jump from her previous competition-best squat — a 255-kilogram (562.2-pound) lift from the 2021 British Powerlifting Union (BPU) Manchester Qualifier on May 8, 2021. Before the 2022 WRPF The Ghost Clash, that lift was the third heaviest ever behind Stacy Burr‘s 256.2-kilogram (564.8-pound) squat and the aforementioned lift by Cornwell.


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Shepphard isn’t the only lifter to excel in the squat at the 2022 WRPF The Ghost Clash. Shane Haller set an all-time world record raw squat in the Men’s 140-kilogram class with his 420-kilogram (925.9-pound) lift.

Naomi Sheppard’s Powerlifting Career

The 30-year-old Sheppard made her professional powerlifting debut at the 2015 BPU Midland Qualifier with a gold-winning 327.5-kilogram total. Including that meet, she has competed in 11 sanctioned contests, winning all but two of them. Both blemishes were narrow misses, finishing as the runner-up in the 2019 BPU Irish Pro Invitational IV and the 2015 World Powerlifting Congress (WPC) World Championships.

Sheppard’s most notable win came at the 2018 WPC World Championships at age 27. She was also the WPC European Champion three consecutive times from 2015 to 2017.

Featured image: @phoenixperformance on Instagram