YouTube Personality Nick Bare Tries Brian Shaw’s 12,000 Calorie Diet

A professional strongman diet is no joke. In fact, it seems like every time you watch a video covering what a professional strongman eats in-season, they often describe adhering to their diet as one of their toughest challenges. For anyone outside of strength sports, the diet of an in-season strongman seems almost impossible. After all, how often do you see someone eating 10-12,000 calories on a daily basis? In other words, not often — if ever.

It’s been a little over a year since we originally shared the article that highlighted what Brian Shaw eats on a daily basis. In this video, Supertraining followed Shaw over the course of his day and highlighted the absolute massive amount of food he consumes to create his 12,000 calorie diet. When Shaw is in-season, he’s consuming around 84,000 calories a week, which equates to 28 days for someone eating 3,000 calories a day.

To further that point, the video kicked off with Shaw saying, “I should probably start out at the beginning by saying…This diet is to make me as strong as I possibly can be. I’m eating to be the strongest man on the planet,” which basically translates to the normal person as, “Don’t try this at home.”

But what if someone did try it at home?

YouTube personality Nick Bare recently took on Shaw’s in-season 12,000 calorie diet as a challenge. That’s right and not surprisingly, what Shaw eats on a daily basis was considered an eating challenge for someone else. One interesting thing about this “challenge” is that Shaw’s diet is composed of mostly balanced foods, as opposed to your standard “cheat” focused diet challenges.

So how does Bare fair over the course of the day? Check it out below.

Spoiler alert: If you made it to the end of the video, then you know Bare completed the challenge, and with some struggles along the way. Let’s just say we don’t think Bare will be eating that much in a day again anytime soon.

To wrap up the video, Bare states, “Brian Shaw, much respect to you for doing this every single day, this is why you’re the World’s Strongest Man. It absolutely wrecked me.”

Feature image from Nick Bare YouTube channel.