One Of These Kids May Win The 2032 CrossFit Games

While you and I are still rolling around on the floor after 16.5, the next generation of fitness athletes are training hard in between naps and diaper changes. With a little help from their wildly-accomplished moms and dads, these kiddos are getting ready for the big leagues (as long as the big leagues happen before bedtime).

Name: Maddie

Age: 2

Fitness Mom: NY Rhinos and CrossFit athlete Tina Angelotti

Secret Weapon: Post-wod bottle of gainz.

Name: Nathan

Age: 6

Fitness Dad: CrossFit Games athlete and Fran world-record holder Irving Hernandez

Fun Fact: Nathan once tried to sell his bowtie to Mat Fraser.


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Name: Mason

Age: 2

Fitness Dad: 2015 CrossFit Games athlete and fan favorite Elijah “EZ” Muhammad

Signature Move: Snatch Grip Strict Press 

Name: Carson

Age: 2

Fitness Mom: 5x Games athlete and 75kg weightlifter Jessica Phillips

Toddler Tip: Vests and skinny jeans are perfectly acceptable workout gear. 

Name: David

Age: 2

Fitness Dad: Reebok athlete and 2014 CrossFit Games athlete Craig Kenney

Leg Up On The Competition: Already knows the value of a good mid-lift grunt. 

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