Strongman Athlete Patrik Baboumian Responds to Brian Shaw’s Challenge

The vegan strongman makes a statement on YouTube.

In case you missed it, four-time World’s Strongest Man Brian Shaw answered a fan’s question in a YouTube video about vegan strongman Patrik Baboumian and challenged him to see who would be the stronger between the two.

On November 14, Baboumian responded to the challenge on his own channel. That video begins with him playing a clip from Shaw’s video that includes the question and his answer as well as the offer for Baboumian to train with him and challenge him on any lift that he felt he would be better than Shaw at.

Baboumian plays another clip where Shaw compares his 709 kg (1,565 pound) Yoke carry of 14 feet at the 2017 Arnold to Baboumians carry of 550 kg (1,212.75 pound) for a distance of 10 meters in 2013 in Toronto, Canada. Since then he had performed another carry of 560 kg (1.234 pounds) in Germany in 2015. Baboumian offers his response to Shaw’s statement and discusses his own lift. 

“My record is from 2013 so it predates those Yoke walks and my walk is for a much longer distance than any of those other walks at the Arnold. So none of these other walks actually break my world record.”

He then goes on to speak about how he validated his record walk at the time. Later on in the video, Baboumian formally accepts the challenge.

“Ok, Brian. Thank you so much for the invitation which I gladly accept.”

Baboumian shares that he actually tried to contact Shaw in July to train together but Shaw’s wife informed him that he was unavailable. Baboumian goes on to choose the lift he would prefer to challenge Shaw on.

“I would go with the max squat. No equipment outside of a belt and knee wraps and a proper squat bar, of course and I’m really looking forward to this.”

Featured Image: Instagram/patrikbaboumian