74kg Peter Hoang Deadlifts 288kg in Prep for the Arnold

As a strength sports writer you develop a love for the lead up of any major strength competition, exhibition, or invitational. Why? This is when the big lifts are happening in training, which then hype up and create speculation as to what athletes are going to compete with.

Peter Hoang is a 23 year old junior powerlifter who’s built a strong list of accomplishments for his age in the -74kg weight class. Currently, Hoang is in prep for the Arnold Classic, which is only a couple weeks away and is crushing heavy lifts in training.

Yesterday, Huang hit a 288kg (635 lb) deadlift and made it look easy. Take note, this deadlift is 8kg higher than any deadlift Hoang has completed at a USA Powerlifting sanctioned meet thus far.

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He completed the pull with a lever belt and a double overhand hookgrip. My favorite part of the video has to be the guy sitting in the background who is completely unphazed about Hoang’s crazy feat of strength. Hopefully he’s a friend, because this was 3.8 times Hoang’s bodyweight and the pull looked so easy

If that deadlift wasn’t enough, six weeks ago Hoang shared a video of a 297kg (655 lb) deadlift PR. When he completed this lift Hoang’s bodyweight was 170, which made this another pull that’s 3.8 times his bodyweight.

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Last year in April, Hoang took first in the -74kg weight class at the 2016 USA Powerlifting Collegiate Nationals with a 660kg (1,452 lb) total. In October at the 2016 USA Powerlifting Raw Nationals he claimed second for the Junior -74kg weight class.

Hoang currently holds a handful of men’s raw American records for the collegiate division, and looks as though he’ll be adding more to that list. Both deadlift videos shared above are weights Hoang hasn’t pulled yet in competition, so we’ll hopefully be seeing him break more records in the months to come.

Feature image from @peterhoang_ Instagram page.