Powerlifter Allison Hind Smokes a 340 lb Raw Bench Press at ~150lb

If you’re in need of some bench press motivation for the day (because it’s Monday), then look no further than Allison Hind’s last monstrous set. On Sunday, Hind shared her final heavy single bench press in the lead up to her upcoming meet, and it’s a ridiculously strong 154kg/340 lb lift. We don’t know her exact weight, but she usually competes in the 67.5kg/148lb weight class.

Currently, Hind is a week out from the Iron Maidens Raw Open, which is a female only powerlifting meet that’s being held in Syracuse, New York on October 13th. At previous meets she has put up very strong numbers in her weight class, so we’re excited to see what she does this weekend after watching all of her latest progress.

For additional context on her latest progress and how much she’s improved, about six months ago Hind competed in the Iron Asylum Full Power Meet and hit a 183kg/405 lb squat, a 136kg/300 lb bench press, and 195kg/430 lbs.

In mid-September, she smoked a 201kg/445 lb lifetime back squat PR in wraps, and then of course, there’s her latest video with the 154kg/ 340 lb bench press, a.k.a. the focal piece of this article. Check out the bench press below.

For this video, a few athletes have commented about how crazy a 40-pound improvement is over the span of six months, especially on the bench press. Hind credits both of her coaches for her latest squat and bench press progress. She told us, “Rheta West coaches my squat and Alex Alexander coaches my bench, and both of these have really taken off this meet prep.”

In regards to her bench programming, in one of Hind’s previous bench press videos she  broke down how her sets played out,

“Here are my bench sets from this week, working backwards: (1) Today was 10 triples with 300lbs, my current meet PR. This was by far the hardest bench day of my life. (2) Yesterday was 8x4x275lbs during the Strong Man comp. I threw in a set of 5 for my last set, shown in the video. (3) Thursday was 7x5x260lbs. (4) Tuesday was 6x6x245lbs. Smolov Jr is a time-consuming program.”

Outside of the squat and bench press Hind told us, “I haven’t deadlifted in about a month due to an erector issue, so I have no idea what’s going to show up there, but I’m hoping for a PR total anyway.” We’re excited to see what Hind is able to do and wish her a healthy meet!

Feature image from @allisonhind.pl Instagram page.