Powerlifter Amanda Lawrence Pulls a Big 238kg (525 lb) Deadlift PR

Deadlift PRs and super strong sets of back squats, that sums up -84kg powerlifter Amanda Lawrence’s latest Instagram feed.

Currently, Lawrence is in prep for the USA Powerlifting Med City Raw Open, which will be held on June 16th, so it makes sense that most of her latest videos have been strings of PRs, but still her progress has been crazy. In fact, it seems like every time we check her page she’s hit a new deadlift feat and has posted a set of squats that makes us stop what we’re doing.

Three days ago, Lawrence hit a 238kg (525 lb) deadlift PR, which was slow, but she locked it out with ease. In her Instagram video’s description she writes, “SLOW 525 lbs deadlift PR, but this was also after I pulled 515lbs twice beforehand (second single shown). I don’t have the first single video pulling hook grip. Let’s just say 455lbs felt like death warming up today. It’s still progress, so I’ll take it! BW: 188.3lbs.”

To add to this video’s impressiveness, this deadlift unofficially tops the current IPF Open -84kg women’s world record by 12kg.

[Check out the time Lawrence squatted 204kg (450 lbs) for an easy set of 7!]

In addition to her strong deadlift PR, Lawrence also shared an impressive squat video from two days ago. The video below features a set of four at 204kg (450 lbs), which she made look easy. This lift is only 2.5kg shy of Daniella Melo’s current 206.5kg (455 lb) IPF world record, and she hit it for four reps.

Lawrence won’t be competing at the IPF World Classic Powerlifting Championships this year, which will take place in two weeks. But it’s going to be interesting to watch how her numbers compare to the athletes lifting in the women’s -84kg weight class at the USAPL Med City Raw Open, and hopefully we’ll get a glimpse into what to expect for the future.

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Feature image from @miss_amanda_ann Instagram page.