Powerlifter Amanda Lawrence Squats 204kg (450 lbs) for 7 Reps With Ease

Powerlifter Amanda Lawrence has been hitting some strong lifts in prep for her next meet, which will be the USA Powerlifting Med City Raw Open being held on June 16th.

Lawrence lifts in the -84kg weight class and has been displaying great promise that her previous competition bests are soon to fall. If you follow Lawrence already, then you probably already know she’s shared a strew of PR videos over the last month. Her latest from four days ago may be her best yet, Lawrence shared a strong squat set PR on her Instagram page highlighting 204kg (450 lbs) for seven reps.

In Lawrence’s video’s description she writes, “Happy [hump] dayyyyyy! Had skwaats on the schedule, so here’s my top set of 450lbs x7 – 7.5ish weeks.”

Judging that from the set above, we’d have to agree with Lawrence that it was a happy hump day indeed. As of right now, Lawrence has listed her best competition squat as 220kg (484 lbs), and if we go off her last set, then we feel pretty confident that her current best won’t be standing for much longer.

Outside of Lawrence’s squat, she’s also been hitting some massive deadlift sets. A day before her epic set of squats, Lawrence pulled a mini-deadlift PR of 226kg (505 lbs), which topped her previous best of 224kg (495 lbs) that she hit back in early April.

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Check out the 226kg (505 lb) pull below. In the video’s description Lawrence writes, “Mini deadlift single PR @ 505lbs. Feeling actually terrible today too, so it’s crazy to be hitting this then. I foresee a HUGE PR in 8 weeks when I’m peaked.”

This lift not only tops her current competition best of 215kg by a strong 11kg, but it’s coming around 8-weeks out from meet day. We feel pretty confident in saying that Lawrence’s previous bests are sure to fall at the USAPL Med City Raw Open.

Feature image from @miss_amanda_ann Instagram page.