Powerlifter Andrew Herbert Smokes a 435kg (959 lb) Squat Single

One of the heaviest weekends of the year is coming, and it’s in the form of the fifth edition of the Boss of Bosses powerlifting meet. On August 24-25th, some of the world’s best powerlifters will be meeting in Mountain View, California at Boss Barbell Club to compete in the World Raw Powerlifter Federation’s (WRPF) annual Boss of Bosses meet.

California based powerlifter Andrew Herbert is dialing in his prep for the meet with laser focus, as evident by his latest PR squat single. In his latest Instagram video, Herbert takes 435kg (959 lbs) for a ride and sinks it with a ton of control. But also, how can you miss a lift with coach and spotter Dan Green behind you having your back? We’re not sure this video could be anymore “boss”.

In Herbert’s Instagram video’s description he writes, “Last heavy #squat before the meet. 435kg/959lbs for a #PR single. Good session with the #squad @bossbarbellclub Dan Green with the coaching, wrapping, spotting.”

It’s been a hot minute since we wrote about one of Herbert’s massive lifts. In fact, the last time we covered one of Herbert’s squats was at the end of April when he took 415kg (915 lbs) for a strong double.

[Watch Andrew Herbert squats 700 lbs for an absolutely insane 12-rep max!]

In mid-May, Herbert competed at the Kern US Open in the 110kg (242 lb) weight class and took second behind powerlifting legend Yury Belkin. At this meet, Herbert totaled a massive 995.5kg (2,149 lbs) with a 413kg squat, a 197.5kg bench press, and a 385kg deadlift. This total, which also gave Herbert a 589.7 Wilks score, awarded him with fourth best overall in the heavier weight class athletes (only missing third by 3 Wilks).

With a brand new PR and only a few weeks remaining until the Boss of Bosses V meet, we’re pumped to see what Herbert executes come competition day!

Feature image from @herbietheluvbug Instagram page. 


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