Powerlifter Daniella Melo Deadlifts a Huge 240kg (530 lb) Lifetime PR

As the old saying goes, when it rains it pours.

This is our second time writing about an athlete’s strong deadlift performance in two consecutive weeks, and we’re not going to lie, we don’t hate it. Last week, we wrote about Daniella Melo’s strong 225kg (495 lb) deadlift triple. At the time, we thought that was a big set, but she’s proven to the strength sports community once again just how strong her training is going.

In her latest Instagram video carousel, Melo deadlifts a strong 240kg (530 lbs) with straps, then 235kg (518 lbs) without. Melo writes in the video’s description, “240kg/ 530lbs PR (first vid) after 235kg/518lbs. Prep for IPF Worlds starts in a couple days. Let’s f**king go”

This is significant set, as it tops the current -84kg IPF Classic Deadlift World Record by a significant amount (10kg). At Melo’s most recent competition which took place at the 2018 Arnold Classic, she unofficially broke the -84kg IPF world record squat and total. It was at this competition Melo also pulled 227kg (501 lbs) to eclipse the 500 lb competition milestone.

Melo already holds the -84kg IPF squat world record at 206.5kg, and has since squatted 222.5kg (490 lb) at the 2018 Arnold Classic (referenced above).

Also, check out Melo’s latest squat video where she hits 188kg (415 lbs) for an easy six reps. In the video description Melo writes, “My body is feeling wrekt from all this volume but I definitely feel like I have more energy going into each training sesh since I’ve been working with @hybridperformancemethod for nutrition. 415lbs for 6s”  


Judging from her latest training videos, it seems like it’s only a matter of time until Melo officially claims the total and deadlift world records, along with pushing her squat world record even further.

This year, the IPF World Classic Powerlifting Championships are set to take place June 5-17th in Calgary, Canada. Will Melo take down three official records come competition time?

Feature image from @daniellamelo Instagram page.