Powerlifter David Troutt Deadlifts 815lbs For a Massive Double

David Troutt showcases a massive 815 pound deadlift double during training.

Powerlifter David Troutt wasted no time during his training session deadlifting a massive 815 pounds for two reps. Troutt is a Texas-based raw powerlifter who routinely competes in the -242 class.

While Troutt hasn’t formally competed since 2017 — where he finished in first place at the USPA Gods of Iron event — he’s showing subtle, or not so subtle signs that he could rack up more wins on the platform very soon. At the 2017 Gods of Iron meet, Troutt competed in the -242 pound class. Here, he squatted 672.4 pounds, bench pressed 374.8 pounds, and deadlifted 832.2 pounds for a total of 1879.4. In USPA’s -242 raw class, Troutt’s meet total ranks him 19th overall (per openpowerlifting.org).

A 832 pound deadlift is crazy impressive, but Troutt’s latest pull may take the cake in terms of jaw dropping strength. In Troutt’s latest Instagram video he writes, “815×2 PR! In and out in 45 mins! Much more to come”


Much more to come is right, and we’d certainly like to see what Troutt’s one rep max is currently sitting around after he made this 815 pound double look so smooth.

Speaking of massive deadlift. A few weeks ago, Troutt highlighted himself hitting a 585 pound deadlift off a deficit for eight reps, and not long after he shared a smooth 765 pound triple deadlift. Troutt’s been making steady improvements by the looks of his training, and by mixing in the deficit deadlift training and switching back to a mixed grip he’s moving more explosively than ever.

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Over the last few months, Troutt has been rebuilding his numbers after scaling back his training slightly to accommodate for a busy schedule. We’re not sure when Troutt plans to take the platform next, but we’re excited for when he does. His latest impressive double has got us excited, and suggests that his one rep max is well in the works to surpass his previous 832 pound pull from two years ago.

Feature image from @dtrouttpowerlifter Instagram page.