Powerlifter Eric Lilliebridge Hits a Huge 451kg (994 lbs) Squat

Does powerlifter Eric Lilliebridge stand the weight up, or does he push the earth down? After his latest squat video, we’re starting to question the laws of physics. Lilliebridge is currently in prep for the ProRaw Big Dogs 3 powerlifting meet, which is set to go down on October 14th in Melbourne, Australia. This meet brings out some of powerlifting’s best athletes from around the world.

In his latest video, Lillebridge smokes 451kg (994.3 lb) squat single with solid speed and control. On his Instagram video’s description he writes, “451kg/994lbs – 9 1/2 weeks out from Big Dogs 3. Body weight 140kg/308lbs.” 

The first Big Dogs meet was held in 2016, and since then, these meets have grown in popularity due to the insane strength feats continually performed at them by the elite powerlifters competing. Lillebridge is one of the few athletes that’s been invited to compete and he has sights set on one thing, and that’s first place.

When asked in his Instagram video’s comments section what his goal numbers were for the meet, he responded with, “Yes, just one number in particular. Number one.” Judging from this latest squat, it’s going to be fun watching him put up his numbers at the meet.

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Currently, Lillebridge holds both of the 308 lb all-time world records for total. His total (with & without wraps), which is what he’ll be aiming to break at the Big Dogs 3, a record he set back in 2016 at the UPA Iron Battle on the Mississippi.

At this meet, Lilliebridge totaled a massive 2,458 lbs comprised of a 1,052 lb squat, a 551 lb bench press, and a 854 lb deadlift.

Since that meet, Lilliebridge has routinely been putting up comparable, and better numbers, so we’re pumped to see what he can do come meet day. Will he be able to top his 2016 all-time world record? Time will tell!

Feature image from @ericlilliebridge Instagram page.