Powerlifter Erick Lewis Totals An Insane 2,303 lbs At 20 Years Old

It was a crystal clean 9/9 weekend for young powerlifting phenom Erick Lewis!

If you are unfamiliar with powerlifter Erick Lewis’ name, we have a feeling that will soon change.

Over the weekend, Lewis put on arguably the best performance of his life after becoming the 28th athlete EVER to total over 2,300 lbs raw — and the man is only 20 years old and competed raw.

In Omaha, Nebraska, Lewis took the platform competing at the 2019 UPA Big Iron Gyms Hussey Classic in the 308+ lb weight class. Heading into the meet, Lewis’ best total ever recorded was 2,201 lbs, which he set at the Big Irons Rick Hussey Memorial Event in March of this year. (Both events are named after legendary Omaha powerlifting coach, Rick Hussey.) So in five short months, Lewis has upped his best competition total by over 100 lbs and etched his name in the raw powerlifting history books with an astonishing 2,303 lb total. 

On the day, Lewis went 9 for 9 and his best lifts were:

  • 876 lb squat
  • 601 lb bench press
  • 826 deadlift

What’s arguably most impressive about Lewis’ earth shattering performance is that outside of being only the 28th athlete to total over 2,300 lbs, he’s now the seventh athlete to complete this feat in knee sleeves/raw (per openpowerlifting.org). His total is now sitting right behind elite IPF powerlifter Jezza Uepa, one of Ray Williams’ main competition at the IPF Classic World Powerlifting Championships every year.

In fact, Lewis’s 2,303 lb total now tops Larry Williams’ 2,292 lb total in the Junior category, giving him the highest total ever recorded by a Junior, while also becoming the first Junior to ever total 2,300+ lbs raw (per openpowerlfiting.org).

We’re incredibly excited to see what Lewis will accomplish in the years to come. All of his lifts above looked clean and as if he had more in the tank. In five months this year, he added 100 lbs to his total — what will he manage to add in another five months with consistent training?

Feature image from @big_bo_lewis Instagram page.