Powerlifter John Haack Deadlifts a Colossal 405 Kilograms In Training

Haack is consistently pulling 400-plus kilograms in the gym.

Yet another day at the office for all-time total world record holder in the 90-kilogram weight class John Haack. At a bodyweight of 96.8 kilograms, Haack capped off a deadlift session in the gym with a staggering 405-kilogram (892.9-pound) pull. The lift appeared smooth as the bar path moved cleanly from the floor to the lockout. Haack posted a video of his lift on his Instagram page on Nov. 29, 2021. 2021 IPF World Classic Champion Jessica Buettner summed it up best in her comment on Haack’s post:

I don’t wanna lift next to this guy.

Check out Haack’s lift in the video below. He employs a mixed grip while wearing a lifting belt and wrist wraps:


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Exactly one week before this deadlift, Haack pulled what he deemed the “easiest” 400-kilogram (881.9-pound) deadlift he’s ever hit. His motion then compared to his movement with the extra five kilograms on the barbell appear nearly identical — flawless. Given that his body weight was 96.8 kilograms for his recent lift, he locked out over four times his body weight.

Haack’s 405-kilogram (892.9-pound) pull above matches the PR he scored back in August 2021, while preparing for the 2021 World Raw Powerlifting Federation (WRPF) Showdown, where he ranked first overall. The difference between his first 405-kilogram (892.9-pound) lift and his recent is stark. His original 405-kilogram (892.9-pound) deadlift appeared to be an absolute grind to the lockout, whereas his recent deadlift looked like a casual training lift.


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Haack currently holds the all-time world record deadlift of 402.5 kilograms (887.4 pounds) at 90 kilograms scored at the 2021 WRPF The Bucked Up Showdown, according to Open Powerlifting. If he can maintain the additional 2.5 kilograms over the record he pulled in the gym while cutting the 6.8 kilograms of bodyweight necessary for his next sanctioned meet, he could rewrite the record books again.

Featured image: @bilbo_swaggins181 on Instagram