Powerlifter Kevin Oak Squats 365kg (804 lbs) for 3-Rep PR

It’s safe to say powerlifter Kevin Oak is back in his normal heavy weight moving groove. Over the last few weeks, Oak has been crushing big lifts in prep for his next powerlifting meet, which is set to be “The Tribute”, which is going down in San Antonio, Texas on August 25-26th.

Over the last week specifically, Oak has shared a ton of big lifts, but one that certainly got our attention was this squat video from five days ago. In his squat video, Oak crushes a 3-rep 365kg (804 lb) squat PR in his normal Oak-like fashion, aka moving huge weight with what looks like relatively little struggle.

To further our point, in Oak’s Instagram video’s description he writes, “804 x 3 / 365 kg for a new 3 rep max. I felt like I was gonna jump in the air the first rep 800 lbs never felt so light on my back. 3 weeks out from the USPA Tribute Meet.”


Thus far in 2018, Oak has had a roller coaster of a ride on the platform. In early April, Oak competed at the USPA Connecticut Spring Classic in the squat only and set the 110kg (242 lb) all-time world record for the squat with this massive 377.5kg (832 lb) lift

About 5-weeks later, Oak competed at the Kern US Open, but unfortunately didn’t have the performance he (and his fans) wanted. On his Instagram page, he wrote about how he was a little burnt out from the previous month’s prep and weight cut for the Open. All of this led Oak to taking a month or so off to go lighter in his training and to give his body some rest.

This is why back in mid-June we were so pumped to see Oak squat 275kg (605 lbs) for nine reps, as it suggested he was back to his normal heavy training. We don’t know about you, but we’re pumped to see what Oak is able to hit in two weeks at The Tribute!

Feature image from @oakstrong Instagram page.