Australian Powerlift Liz Craven Deadlifts 190kg (418 lb) At 56kg Bodyweight

Last weekend, Australian based powerlifter Liz Craven hit a big personal best on the competition platform. Craven competed in the Deadlift Pro at the Australian Fitness Show, which was a fitness expo that took place April 20-22 in Sydney, Australia.

Craven went up against some of Australia and powerlifting’s top female athletes and ended up finishing with a 190kg (418 lb) deadlift at a bodyweight of 56.3kg.

In competition, Craven competes in the 52kg and 57kg weight classes and has become a dominant foce no matter which class she chooses to compete. Check out her latest 190kg (418 lb deadlift below).

In her Instagram video’s description Craven provides a recap saying, “It is very important to talk to the bar before you pull. Sometimes it listens, sometimes it ignores you with it’s cruel metal heart. Today she listened and 190kg came up. I was like “C’mon mate! Come on!” Thank you @mhinchley for being my biatch, keeping me calm and telling me I already had it so I could just do my job and be gangsta.

Thank you @angelpowerlift for helping me out the back and caffeinating me. 
Thank you to everyone at @thestrengthsyndicate you guys rock and keep me working hard. Loved lifting with you @the_oni893, @emma_mcrae @5trong @brendaonpoint. On to the next one! Yasssss I love lifting.(56.3kg bw)”

[The sumo deadlift can be an art, here’s a toolbox to help you get started!]

This deadlift is a big milestone for Craven and only adds to her impressive powerlifting resume. In addition to her solid deadlift strength, Craven’s squat is equally as impressive. Last year around this time, Craven broke the IPF -52kg Open squat world record with this epic 155.5kg (342 lb) squat.

Since she broke the world record back in May, her record has been topped by 1kg. Although, judging from her latest training videos, we’re thinking that record won’t stand for incredibly too long when she competes at -52kg again. We’re excited to see what the rest of 2018 has in store for Craven.

Feature image from @lizpowerlifts Instagram page.