Powerlifter Marianna Gasparyan (60kg) Squats 185kg for 9 Reps

If you’re running a little low on squat motivation today — sit tight — because powerlifter Marianna Gasparyan will be the fuel you need to push through your next lift. This year, Gasparyan, along with her coach Sergey Ponamarev, have been pushing the limits in the sport of powerlifting and Gasparyan has been breaking records left and right.

Normally, Gasparyan competes in the women’s 60kg/132 lb weight class, and could be argued to be one of the queens of her respective class. As of right now, Gasparyan holds four all-time world records for her weight class, which include both the squat and total world records (each in the wraps and non-wraps categories). And judging from her latest video, we’re not sold that those world records will stand incredibly long as we head into 2019.

Two days ago, Ponamarev shared a video of Gasparyan’s latest squat set and it features a strong 185kg/407 lbs for nine reps in sleeves. If we assume Gasparyan is sitting remotely close to her competition bodyweight, then this is a set that’s over 3x her bodyweight, and she just crushed it for nine reps.

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I am a coach and I also have many ambitions (and to be honest, probably more than any athlete), there are 5 months ahead, hard work, work on the result that should go back in history !! When the result of your student @power_mayan is already phenomenal, you need to forget about him, and think about new and very high numbers on the bar! It is difficult to do, because it has a limit to the human body, but you have to think differently, you have to believe that you can lift more than you can imagine !! Let's see what experience, ambition, talent will do now, exactly 5 months and the most incredible people " X", will meet, and the platform will show who is the best in this year 2019, but it is especially interesting that women powerlifters will show Wilks? P. S. 185kg/407lbs ×9 reps Sleeves ☝️

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Earlier this year in August, Gasparyan competed at the USAP/IPL The Tribute meet where she etched her name in the powerlifting history books, and had arguably one of the best meets of her life.

At The Tribute meet, Gasparyan smoked her previous all-time squat (in sleeves) world record by 16kg and hit a 220kg/485 lb lift. Then to wrap up her meet, she finished with a 565kg/1,245 lb total, which not only broke her previous world record, but also earned her the highest ever all-time Wilks Score in sleeves with a whopping 634.8. 

We don’t know about you, but we’re pumped to see the next time Gasparyan takes the platform. Judging from her latest progress, we don’t think any world record in the 60kg/132 lb weight class is safe.

Feature image from @ponamarev_sergey Instagram page.