52kg Powerlifter Marisa Inda Squats a Huge 145kg Double PR

Marisa Inda has been cruising through a string of squat and deadlift PRs on her Instagram page.

Yesterday, under the watchful eye and spot of legendary powerlifter Chad Wesley Smith, Inda put up a very strong PR two set double in her training. This is the second squat PR Inda has shared in the last few weeks, and it’s one of Inda’s most impressive two set doubles she’s shared to date.

In Inda’s Instagram video’s description she writes, “Let’s just keep this squat momentum going right onto the platform please. Another Huge PR for me-145kg/319lbs for 2 sets of 2 and then I did some back handsprings”

Check out the video below.

Inda’s last meet was at the 2018 Arnold Classic where she competed in the Grand Prix hosted by SBD. Here she totaled 427.5kg (942 lbs) and finished with a 147.5kg (325 lb) squat, a 97.5kg (215 lb) bench press, and a 182.5kg (402 lb) deadlift.

At this meet, Inda had a couple performance takeaways worth noting. In the women’s open division, her total earned second place with a 536.94 Wilks score. She set an American record with her 97.5kg bench press. Also, her total above was only 2.5kg shy of her current IPF total world record of 430kg, and that was after going 7/9, aka she’s setting herself up well to blow her current record out of the water.

As mentioned above, currently Inda holds the IPF world record in the total for the -52kg (114 lb) weight class with a 430kg. She set this world record at the 2017 Arnold Classic Grand Prix. On top her 2017 IPF record, she also won the -52kg women’s Open weight class at the Classic Powerlifting Championships.

Outside of Inda’s strong 2018 squat progress, she’s also shared big deadlift videos in the last month. Check out the 163kg (360 lb) set of five below.

As 2018 progresses and Inda continues to crush big numbers, it’s going to be interesting to see what else this competitive year has in-store for her.

Feature image from @marisainda Instagram page. 

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Jake Boly

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