Check Out 72kg Powerlifter Marte Elverum’s 250kg (550 lb) Deadlift

To conclude our 2018 Arnold Classic coverage, we wanted to highlight one more big deadlift. Norwegian -72kg powerlifter Marte Elverum pulled a massive 250kg (550 lbs) at the Pro Deadlift held on Saturday.

Elverum’s massive 250kg (550 lb) deadlift earned her best deadlift for the women athletes and second best overall Wilks behind elite powerlifter and deadlift specialist Krzysztof Wierzbicki. Not a bad Saturday, if you ask us. In addition, this lift unofficially tops the current open -72kg equipped IPF world record by 1kg.

Check out Elverum’s strong deadlift below.

Elverum told us, “Competing at the Arnold is really a big highlight! Especially the deadlift, which is on the main stage. Lifting in front of thousands of people really gives you a kick.”Β 

Elverum is no stranger to strong performances. In fact, she was awarded Lifter of the Year by the European Powerlifting Federation back in December 2017. Still riding the high from this weekend, we asked Elverum what’s next for her deadlift and training and she said,

“Getting straight back into normal training today. I am considering trying out hookgrip. I lost my grip when I tore my hand when competing, so maybe hookgrip will work better for me. It’s worth trying out! My future plan is to deadlift way over 250kg.”

Last year, Elverum held the IPF -72kg deadlift world record for a few months when she pulled 248.5kg (546.7 lbs) at the World Games held in July 2017. At this competition, she took home fourth with a massive 631kg total. Since then, that record has been topped by .5kg when Ribic Priscilla deadlifted 249kg (547 lbs) back in November.

“My next meet is going to be the European Championships in May! That will be a full meet,” Elverum said. It’s going to be interesting to see if Elverum can take back the deadlift record now that she’s proved she can pull 250kg in competition!

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Feature image screenshot from @frkelverum Instagram page.Β