Powerlifter Sergey Fedosienko Deadlifts 4.6x Bodyweight, Wins 5th World Championship

In terms of powerlifting and Russian lifter Sergey Fedosienko, where do you begin? At 36 years old, Fedosienko is possibly one of the most decorated powerlifters (at least in the IPF) from the last decade.

Yesterday, Fedosienko competed in the men’s Open -59kg weight class at the 2018 IPF World Classic Powerlifting Championships and walked away with his 5th Classic Championship. Think about this for a second, out of his whole life, Fedosienko has spent just about a sixth of it winning World Classic Powerlifting Championships  that’s not a bad life at all.

On their Instagram story, the IPF teased if Fedosienko would break his epic 584 Wilks score from last year’s Worlds. Unfortunately this year, Fedosienko hit a Wilks of 578 (still ridiculously impressive) and fell six points short of last year’s feat, but still ended up claiming a new world record deadlift.

On the deadlift, Fedosienko went 3/3 and hit an easy 240kg (529 lb) opener, a 260kg (573 lb) second attempt, and then smoked 274kg (604 lb) for a world record third pull. 


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For the squat, Fedosieko finished with a 225kg (496 lb) third attempt, and on the bench press he hit 165kg (363 lbs) for his second attempt, but missed his third. The world record deadlift and these two lifts earned him a huge total of 664kg (1,463 lbs). This total topped second place by a sizable 61.5kg margin, and fell just short of Fedosienko’s current total world record by 5.5kg.

The previous deadlift world record was held by Fedosienko himself at 271kg (597 lbs), which he set two years ago at the 2016 IPF World Classic Powerlifting Championships. And in terms of Open -59kg classic world records, Fedosienko currently owns them all, except for the squat. Every time Fedosienko steps on the international stage, you can expect a show, and this year was no different.

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Feature image from @theipf Instagram page.