Powerlifter Sophia Ellis (76KG) Deadlifts a PR Double of 235 Kilograms (518 Pounds)

Ellis lifted close to the EPF European record for two repetitions

Top British powerlifter Sophia Ellis is in preparation for the upcoming International Powerlifting Federation (IPF) 2023 Classic World Championships on June 11-18, in Valletta, Malta. She recently shared some of her training via a video on her Instagram page, wherein she performed a sumo deadlift of 235 kilograms (518 pounds) for a double.

Ellis’ deadlift double is only 5.5 kilograms (12 pounds) lower than the European Powerlifting Federation (EPF) raw deadlift record that she currently holds in the 76-kilogram (168-pound) weight class. Suffice it to say, lifting like this in the gym bodes well for her performance at Classic Worlds in Malta. Check out Ellis’ pulls below:


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Ellis wore a lifting belt and deadlift socks but no other equipment. She has a fairly wide sumo stance and performed her trademark ponytail flick as she set up for the first pull. The first repetition was extremely fast, and she reset quickly for the next one. The second didn’t come as easy, as there was a moment of hesitation before securing the lockout.

In the caption of her post, Ellis says she slightly messed up the second rep, making it harder than it should have been. Still, it’s a massive success considering she failed this double in her preparations for the 2023 British Powerlifting (BP) British Classic Championships in March. She scored a 242.5-kilogram (535-pound) deadlift at that competition and says she feels even stronger now.


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Record Trading

Ellis is the current EPF European Champion in the 76-kilogram class, having won the 2022 European Classic Powerlifting Championships in Skierniewice, Poland, in November 2022 with a 528-kilogram (1,164-pound) total. She extended her European deadlift record at that competition with a whopping 240.5 kilograms (530 pounds).

Ellis has been trading bragging rights for the biggest female deadlift in British Powerlifting for the past several years. She originally took that mantle in March 2022 with a pull of 237.5 kilograms (524 pounds). She was later joined by teammate Ziana Azariah and Junior lifter Erholove Izobodo-John. The three of them have been passing the biggest deadlift back and forth ever since. It currently resides with Izobodo-John at a landmark 250 kilograms (551 pounds).


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2023 World Classic Powerlifting Championships

On the roster for the 2023 Classic World Powerlifting Championships, Ellis is listed with the fifth-biggest total. However, based on her current training, she could contend for the podium. When the names ahead of her are squat and total world record holder Karlina Tongotea, the deadlift world record holder Jessica Buettner, the bench press world record holder Agata Sitko, and many-time world champion Kimberly Walford, Ellis will have a fight on her hands.

The Women’s 76-kilogram class will lift in the Prime Time session on Friday, June 16, at the 2023 World Classic Powerlifting Championships. It will be broadcast live across Europe and Asia on the Eurosport TV channel and streamed live on YouTube.

Featured Image: @sophiastrength on Instagram