Prateek Shukla Deadlifts 485 lbs At a Bodyweight of 121 lbs

How the Grinch pulled Christmas!

If you’re in need of lifting motivation, Christmas cheer, and a laugh, then look no further. Prateek Shukla just shared an Instagram video that tackles all three. 

In his latest Instagram video, Shukla deadlifts a strong 220kg/485 lb single at a bodyweight of 121 lbs. This pull is just over 4x his bodyweight, and he pulled it dressed up as the Grinch β€” check it out below!

He writes in his Instagram video’s description, 

Just took a DNA test, turns out I’m 100% that grinch. 220kg/485lbs for my top single @ 121!!! 4x bw boiii 

Shukla has been competing formally since 2016 (per and has continually increased his total to elite status, however, his journey has been far from easy. 

In an interview written by Andrea Signor on, Shukla discusses that he was diagnosed with Klippel-Feil syndrome roughly four years ago, which is a musculoskeletal disease that results in the fusion of multiple vertebrate of the neck. Within the interview, he explains to Signor that at the time of his diagnosis his doctor told him, “I don’t know what’s going to happen to you. Enjoy what you can.”

Instead of accepting the doctor’s bleak news β€” Shukla started lifting β€” and he hasn’t looked back since. In competition, his best total to date comes from his most recent meet at the 2019 USPA Midwest Open at the Dayton Strength Expo. At this meet, he squatted 326 lbs, bench pressed 198 lbs, and deadlifted 474 lbs to earn him a 421.31 Wilks Score.  

To date, Shukla’s best deadlift in competition has been 479.5 lbs, but he’s pulled 500 lbs before, and judging from his latest 485 lb deadlift – that feat will fall soon enough on the platform. Check out this video from Halloween that highlights one of his 500 lb pulls…and yes, he’s dressed up again. 

Shukla’s lifting journey is incredibly inspirational and we’re excited to see him tackle the 500 lb deadlift milestone in competition hopefully in the near future. On a side note, maybe the ticket to strong deadlifts is dressing up in costumes! 

Feature image from @teek.strong Instagram page.