Pyrros Dimas Power Snatches With Rogue’s New Experimental Barbell

“He’s back.” That’s all the USA Weightlifting Instagram account had to say when they put up this clip of the inimitable weightlifting champion Pyrros Dimas hitting a relatively light power snatch of 70 kilograms (154.3 pounds).

This took place at the headquarters of Rogue Fitness in Columbus, Ohio, where it appears that Rogue was having Dimas test drive “an experimental barbell” from the fitness equipment giant. Here’s another clip that was taken in the same session.

We don’t have any more information about the features of this new barbell, but we’re looking forward to hearing more about it.

Dimas was at Rogue HQ as part of an envoy from Team USA who were holding the World Team Camp, an optional training and development event that has seen many weightlifters break personal records. Wes Kitts was seen breaking his American snatch record (in training) with a huge 180kg (397lb) lift, which is 5 kilograms over his previous PR.

He went on to clean & jerk 215kg (474 pounds) for a total of 395kg (870.8 pounds), 5kg over the existing American Record held by Wes Barnett.

2017 Senior World Team Member and 2016 National Champion Marissa Klingseis was also seen hitting a personal record clean & jerk of 134 kilograms (295.5 pounds) in the -90kg weight class.

Mash Elite Performance also sent a delegate to the event and a glowing review of the World Team Camp was just posted on their site.

Bringing all of these amazing athletes and putting them in the same room is a great idea on the part of USA Weightlifting. It was an optional camp, but I don’t know why anyone would sit this out. This is how you get better.

The review also said of Dimas himself,

Pyrros is doing a great job coaching, but there is something else that he brings to the table. His mindset is something that America has needed for a long time. He can look deep into someone and see a potential that the athlete can’t quite grasp.

We’re looking forward to the next training camp.

Featured image via @usa_weightlifting on Instagram.