Watch Rhianon Lovelace’s Amazing 5.7x Bodyweight Partial Deadlift

The 2018 World's Strongest Woman pulled 800 pounds weighing just 141 pounds.

For those not in the know, Rhiannon Lovelace won the 2018 World’s Strongest Woman in the -64kg class. She’s strong. Her best known feat may be the 600-pound deadlift she made earlier this year, which she says was an Open British record and unofficial world record. (The heaviest official multi ply women’s deadlift in her weight class, according to Open Powerlifting, is 557 pounds from Jennifer Milliron-O’Neil.)

Since you’re probably wondering, this is what that lift looked like.


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What’s brought her to our attention more recently is this extremely impressive silver dollar deadlift of 800 pounds (365 kilos). That’s over 5.7 times her bodyweight!

A few things to note:

  1. A silver dollar deadlift is an old timey word for a partial deadlift: the bar is 18 inches off the ground, almost twice the usual height. Strongmen used to perform this lift with barrels full of silver dollars.
  2. She did this with a pretty soft lockout that probably wouldn’t pass muster in a competition.

But hey, she admits it herself in the caption:

800lb (365kg) Silver Dollar PB because F*ck Corona Virus. 64kg of Anger. Soft lock but first time I’ve had this weight in my hands so I’ll take it!


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Someone even holding 5.7x bodyweight is a wonder to behold.

If you’re wondering who has the strongest partial deadlift on Earth, you’d be right if your mind wandered to Eddie Hall. The man who still holds the world record for the heaviest ever deadlift of 500kg broke this record about a year later when he was publicizing his autobiography. The 536kg/1,181.7lb lift happens at the 2:23 mark below, but we timestamped it at 1:53 because it’s mesmerizing watching the man psych himself up.

If you’re curious as to how Eddie Hall and Rhianon Lovelace would compare in a match up, they actually collaborated last year in this epic face off that included a deadlift-off at the 11:48 mark. Max reps of 1.5x bodyweight deadlifts in 60 seconds.

Now, keep in mind that strength doesn’t precisely increase linearly with bodyweight, particularly when you weigh over 350 pounds like Hall did here. Still, it’s fun to see someone defeat The Beast so handily.

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