Will the Rogue Fitness .50 Cal Trolley Change the Power Rack Game?

With an undying love for barbell sports, comes an undying love for lifting equipment. At times with lifting equipment, it can seem like you don’t really need something, until you see it. The next item going on our future Christmas list may be the Rogue Fitness .50 Cal Trolley. As per Rogue Fitness’ video, the Trolley began its formulation in 2012 and looks to be nearly finished, but they have yet to announce a final release date.

On Tuesday, Rogue Fitness shared the video below on their Facebook page, and earlier today dropped it on their YouTube channel. At first, it took us a moment to realize and see the beauty of how great this piece of equipment could be, and in fact, it could change the way we use power racks moving forward.

Whether you’re a Rogue Fitness fan or not, one thing you have to give them is that they consistently try to innovate current strength training equipment, which honestly benefits the industry as a whole. So what the heck is the .50 Cal Trolley? The Trolley is a piece of equipment that comes in the form of adjustable arms that connect to a power rack, which can create a plethora of new movements.

In the video below, Rogue Fitness highlights a variety of movements that you can perform with the Trolley’s arms. Note, all of these movements have a fixed bar path, which could be a nice addition for accessory work without having to buy extra equipment/machines for a home gym.

Honestly, the piece of equipment looks pretty awesome. There’s still no word on price, but even if its slightly more expensive than other power racks on the market, the additional options for exercises might be worth it for some.

What we’re beginning to wonder is that when this piece of equipment drops, will it be a hit or miss, and will other companies try to follow in Rogue Fitness’ steps?

Feature image from Rogue Fitness YouTube channel.