The Rogue Fitness “Suitcase Challenge” Starts On July 16, 2021

The latest Rogue challenge tasks athletes with max suitcase hold for 30 seconds.

Mark your calendars. On July 16, 2021, the latest Rogue Fitness virtual challenge kicks off. Similar to previous challenges like the “Bear Hug Challenge” and the “Cliffhanger Challenge,” which tested participating athletes’ grip strength and willpower, the latest contest will do the same.

The “Suitcase Challenge” will see athletes attempt a suitcase hold — one barbell in each hand loaded with their maximum possible weight — for 30 seconds. Whoever holds it the longest will earn themselves a $2,500 prize and some serious bragging rights.

Rogue Fitness — Suitcase Challenge

For max weight:

  • Hold one barbell in each hand for a minimum of 30 seconds.

In the event of a tie, the athlete who held the weight longer will be deemed victorious. For example, if two athletes each total 400 pounds, and one held it for 31 seconds and another held it for 33 seconds, the one who held it for 33 seconds would rank higher.

Athletes do not need to move during this event — it is not a farmer’s carry. Participants will need to weigh their barbells and weight plates on a calibrated scale on camera and then hold the barbells for at least 30 seconds with a digital clock, stopwatch, or phone timer visible in the frame. Heaviest total weight wins.


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Suitcase Challenge Details

Here are the specifics participating athletes should be aware of:


The challenge begins on July 16, 2021, at 9 a.m. EST and ends on July 19, 2021, at 9 p.m. EST. In order to appear on the leaderboard, all scores must be submitted prior to the end of the competition on July 19. Anyone aged 14 and older — in both the male and female divisions — is eligible to compete.


Athletes will be allowed to wear their choice of shoes as well as any kind of weightlifting belt, knee sleeves, and/or wrist wraps. Additionally, magnesium carbonate gym chalk is also permitted. Lifting straps, tacky, and any type of gloves are prohibited. 

Barbells are not allowed to have center knurling and must each be a standard weight of 15 kilograms (35 pounds) or 20 kilograms (45 pounds). Weight plates cannot have a diameter that exceeds 18 inches and athletes must use barbell collars.

Movement standards will be released on on July 15, 2021.


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Suitcase Challenge Prize Pool

Winners in each division will receive the following prizes:

  1. $2,500 and Rogue Anvil Grips
  2. $1,000 and Dinnie Ring Set
  3. $500 and Dinnie Ring Set

Additionally, the gym with the most entries will receive Rogue Anvil Grips. The gyms with the second and third most entries will receive a Dinnie Ring Set. Athletes can register for the “Suitcase Challenge” at

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