Rogue Fitness Wants the World to See a 500 KG Plus Deadlift

The Elephant Bar Deadlift will be a must see at the Arnold Strongman Classic.

For many years the question in the world of lifting was: who would be the first man to deadlift 500 kg (1,102 pounds)? In 2016, Eddie Hall became the answer to that question. So now the question obviously becomes: who will be the 2nd man to do it?

Rogue Fitness hopes to provide the answer at the Arnold Strongman Classic on March 1 and 2 and they are making a contest within the contest as extra motivation for the guys competing. If one of the competitors breaks the 500kg mark in the Elephant Bar Deadlift event, Rogue will give that man $50,000!

About the Elephant Bar

Obviously there is going to be a lot of weight lifted at the Arnold, so the bar used in this event isn’t a typical lifting bar. The Elephant Bar is around 9 and a half feet long to support the extra plates that it will hold. It also weighs 75 pounds. This bar has extra flex in it so when the lifter starts to pull, the middle of the bar comes up before the weight leaves the ground. This makes the lift more complicated.

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Jerry Pritchett Deadlift
Jerry Pritchett

The Rules

While all the rules haven’t been fully announced yet, here’s what we know so far. Hitching on the way up will be allowed. Lifters can use straps but not Figure 8 straps. The lifters have three attempts and will have to tell the officials the weight they will be lifting before they step up to the podium. This will determine the order that the men lift. So there is a chance that one man does all three attempts before another even begins his first. They can’t go down in weight in future attempts. So whatever the athlete’s first lift is will be the lowest amount attempted.

The Favorites

There are ten men competing at this event overall, but there are four men that have done more than 1,000 pounds in this competition so they are considered the most likely to be capable of breaking the 500 kg mark.

Hafthor Bjornsson

The reigning Arnold champ and World’s Strongest Man currently holds the record in this event with a lift of 1,041 pounds. He has been training with Larry Wheels and has recently set a new personal record of 1,042 pounds (473 kg) at his home gym in Iceland. He’s been using a custom bar that roughly resembles the bar used in competition.

Since he’s the champ and record holder in this event, he has to be the odds on favorite.

Brian Shaw

Brian Shaw Deadlift
Brian Shaw

The three-time Arnold champ and four-time World’s Strongest Man is focused on winning his fourth ASC title but obviously would like to take home the $50,000 and set the record along the way. He completed 1,016 pounds (462 kg) but missed 1,046 pounds (474 kg) on his last attempt. He recently got a 1,025 pound (466 kg) lift in his home gym. Like Bjornsson, Shaw also has a custom bar that weighs 125 pounds which he feels helped him improve.

Jerry Pritchett

Pritchett is the former record holder of the Elephant Bar Deadlift – having lifted 1,031 pounds (468 kg) in 2017. In 2018, he missed a 1,036 pound (472 kg) attempt. Last month, he lifted 950 pounds with ease at the Arnold Strongman USA event in Santa Monica, California and looked like he had plenty left in the tank.

JF Caron

The Canadian strongman performed a max of 1,021 pounds (464 kg) at the 2018 event. If he were to do this, he would have to set a new PR of over 36 kg. It isn’t likely, but as the only other competitor with a 1,000 pound plus pull, you can’t ignore him.