Check Out the New Trailer For “Ronnie Coleman: The King”

“Ain’t nothing but a peanut”, “Yeah buddy”, and “Lightweight”, three terms Ronnie Coleman has forever engraved into strength athletes’ minds everywhere.

Coleman (among others elite bodybuilders) helped pave the way and push the limits for a lot of what we see in professional bodybuilding today, but that ground paving has taken a serious toll on his body and health. In the newly published trailer “Ronnie Coleman: The King” by Generation Iron Fitness & Bodybuilding Network, they highlight the troubles Coleman has faced over the course of his long and heavy bodybuilding career.

As you can probably imagine, this flick is as hyped up as Coleman’s old lifting videos, but it also tells the tale behind Coleman’s injuries and what he’s endured after his long career as a professional bodybuilder. Check out the trailer below.

“Doc said he’s going to go in and perform a surgery in which he’s going to take out screws because right now all they’re doing is causing me pain. When I say pain, it’s a lot of pain, it’s 24/7…it never stops.” 

There’s no denying that Coleman’s rigorous career has taken a lot out of him. In the trailer, he discusses how he takes the maximal potency for Oxycontin roughly 3-5 times a day simply to avoid pain that he suffers from the long years of wear and tear, along with all of the surgeries.

Coleman’s first major injury came back in December 2007 when he had a Laminectomy performed on his L-4 and L-5 disks. Since, he’s had multiple surgeries that have left him with a walker, scooter, and in some cases unable to walk.

In light of his new movie, we wanted to highlight some of Coleman’s best lifts. Check out the video below from Coleman’s YouTube channel that focuses on his older monstrous strength feats. If you’re like us, more than likely some of the “Lightweight!” clips are going to take you back.

We’re not bodybuilding athletes, but we’re still pumped to see the movie highlighting one of the sport’s greats careers. There’s been a lot of back and forth about Coleman’s injuries, so hopefully this movie can provide some clarity for many.

Feature image from Generation Iron Fitness & Bodybuilding Network YouTube channel.