Sara Sigmundsdottir Does “Grace” at 220 Pounds (Plus Other Very Heavy “Grace” Performances)

Sara Sigmundsdottir is a force to be reckoned with in CrossFit® competition — she’s the reigning third fittest woman in the world — but her weightlifting prowess is also notable. In 2015, she represented Iceland at the World Weightlifting Championships in Houston, Texas, and her feats of barbell cycling are common jaw-droppers on Instagram.

Recently, Sigmundsdottir posted a teaser of one of her more impressive feats to date: 30 clean & jerks at 220 pounds/100 kilograms. While she didn’t list her exact time, the workout is remarkable for a few reasons.

Just a few years ago, a 220 pound MAX clean & jerk was considered fantastic for a female CrossFit Games competitor (Sigmundsdottir has regularly gone north of 240 pounds in competition max lifts). And performing “Grace” at 220 pounds or above had previously been a bit of a scaled-up sideshow for competitors — all males.

While we’ll likely find out her time in the near future — which will give other women a chance to break the mark — Sigmundsdottir’s performance is already a bit groundbreaking in that it’s the heaviest female “Grace” we’ve seen to date.

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Below, we’ve rounded up some of our other favorite heavy “Graces,” from 225 all the way up to 315 (pounds, that is). Which do you find most impressive?

1. Rich Froning Does “Grace” at 225lbs in 4:49 — he’s gone heavier since, but back in 2011, this video landed with a huge impact and signaled Froning was headed toward the top of the CrossFit world.

2. Brooke Wells completes Grace at 155 pounds in 3:18. 

3. Ethan Harak smashes Grace at 315 pounds in 12:55.

4. Spencer Moorman tackles Grace at 303 pounds in 13:40. It’s lighter and slower than Harak’s time, but Moorman did this as a dedicated superheavyweight lifter — which doesn’t always come with a great conditioning base. That makes powering through all the more impressive!

Did we miss any of your favorite heavy “Grace” performances? Let us know in the comments below!